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Maltese Limestone Workshops

We work in a relaxed atmosphere with no set goals. I work with each person individually to help them create their sculpture.

The soft Maltese Limestone that we use is perfect for the beginner but allows people of all abilities to quickly develop their technique and produce their work of art.

As you can see from the images of past workshops the styles vary greatly and this certainly makes the weekends all the more interesting. Different effects are created by using different tools.

2024 Dates

April 3rd-4th (fully booked)

April 6th-7th (fully booked)

April 13th-14th (fully booked)

April 17th-18th

April 27th-28th (fully booked)

May 4th-5th (fully booked)

May 8th-9th

May 18th-19th

June 8th-9th


June 22nd-23rd (fully booked)

July 6th-7th

more workshops will be added

throughout the year.


To book or for further information email  

To book a workshop and for payment details or for further information email  

Phone 01829 759359


       Pay online

or you can pay online with paypal

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